Spring 2016 @ PHT

Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter with the End of the World

February 11 to 14

A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in. And how many want out.”   Tony Blair Something unsettling has crept into the neighbourhood.  It’s a feeling, a suspicion that disappears when you look at it directly. WEB PHT Spring brochure 1Patrice Balbina has noticed that small things are starting to disappear.  The butcher lost his laugh,  the man on the radio is losing his patience and Dad says the government has lost its mind.  Even the love of her life seems to be a little further away each day.  But you wouldn’t think it was the end of the world.  Then it was.

Premiering in Australia, this new work is  the final chapter of the three year international partnership, ‘Documents of Poverty and Hope’, a unique collaboration between artists from six leading international theatre companies: Australian Theatre for Young People (Australia), Pilot Theatre (UK), Teatro O Bando (Portugal), Elsinor Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione (Italy), Dynamo Theatre (Canada – Montreal) and Presentation House Theatre (Canada – Vancouver).

International Collaboration

DRAMA | 50 minutes $15/$10.50  

Ages: 8-65

The Gift

 February 19 to 21

“We all have a story to tell.”

Johnny Aitken never spoke until he was 17 years old.

WEB PHT Spring brochure 2“When I think about that boy that did not speak, and that young man that did not speak; I honestly have a hard time understanding how he did it. How he survived each day and each night. At age 47, I am a totally different person. I have been speaking now for 30 years, which is very odd when I stop and think about it.  Performing and writing this piece has helped me heal in a very positive way which was ironically, unforeseen. “

Johnny tells the story of how he came to find his voice, through movement, mask, dance and humour.  A powerful tale of overcoming fears.

Written by John Aitken and Gail Noonan

Performed by John Aitken and Shelley MacDonald

Produced by Surrounded by Owls Productions, Mayne Island

DRAMA | PHYSICAL THEATRE | 50 minutes | $28/$20/$15

Ages: 17-65+


March 9 to 12

Summer 1916, France: World War I is in its second and bloodiest year.

WEB PHT Spring brochure 3Redpatch is a historical drama which tells the story of a young Metis soldier, from the Nuu-chah-nulth nation of Vancouver Island, who volunteers to fight for Canada in the Great War.  Set in both Canada and the battlefields of France, Redpatch follows the experiences of this young Canadian soldier as he endures the First World War.

Hardline Productions has developed a dynamic new show, set in the trenches of World War I. Graciously supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage’s World War Commemorations Community Fund.

 Inspired by the hundreds of Aboriginal and First Nations soldiers who fought for Canada during the Great War.


By Raes Calvert and Sean Harris Oliver | Produced by Hardline Productions with the support of PHT

FULL-LENGTH DRAMA | $28/$20/$15

Ages: 13-65+

As well as presenting our own productions, PHT offers its space to other theatre companies as a rental venue. Redpatch appears at PHT as a rental, with institutional support coming from us.


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Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of

March 29 to April 2

“Tragically funny. This play should be on anyone’s bucket list.”

WEB PHT Spring brochure5Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of is a theatrical powerhouse that follows a young hip hop group caught in the aftermath of a violent police shooting. Inspired by the loss of Fredy Villaneuva, an unarmed youth shot by police in 2008 in Montreal, Sal Capone is a dynamic and edgy work with a strong socio-political message. It is a raw and honest portrayal of friendship, loss and the choices we make when trust is shattered.  Produced by Urban Ink and premiered in Vancouver and Montreal (2013-14) in association with Black Theatre Workshop. Recipient of 5 META Nominations (2014) including Outstanding Professional Production

By Omari Newton | Produced by Urban Ink Productions

FULL-LENGTH DRAMA | $28/$20/$15

Ages: 13-65

Study Guide: Sal Capone – Intro for Schools

Faux Départs (Misstart, a production for stage clowns)

April 14 to 16

“Wacky and bewildering humour that remains deeply human and moving.”

WEB PHT Spring brochure 5As the audience enters, a rather odd-looking character is on stage. Meet Morgon, assistant of Mister Jerry, the star of the show. Yet, just when the performance is about to start… POOF!! Mister Jerry disappears in a cloud of smoke. DO NOT PANIC!! Morgon tries to cancel the performance. However, the prop girl H.Da! steps on stage and urges Morgon to replace Mister Jerry. Oh Oh!

From the company that brought you I On The Sky, Montreal’s Dynamo Theatre brings you into the world of the Clown. Step  into a unique world in which comedy blends with poetry, chaos with order, and drama with foolishness. The clowns are both naive and full of mischief. Anything can amaze them and they are constantly in a state of discovery. Talk back sessions available en français with the Artists.

Produced by Dynamo Theatre, Montreal

COMEDY | 50 minutes | $15/$10.50

Ages: 8-65+

The Debaters All-Star Stand-Up Comedy Night – SOLD OUT!!

A Fundraiser for Presentation House Theatre

Monday, April 11  –  7:30 pm

Four of the  Stars from CBC’s Radio Show The Debaters  will entertain you, in an evening in an evening of Stand-up comedy hosted by The Debaters creator RICHARD SIDE. Join comedians Graham Clark, Ivan Decker, Charlie Demers and Erica Sigurdson for an evening of humour and insight, to raise funds for our theatre. Ticket price includes pre-show reception and after show party!


Ages: 17-65+