PHT Creative Hub

PHT Creative Hub

The PHT Creative Hub has transformed how we collaborate and share performing arts with our communities. HUB artist members from across performance disciplines fill our spaces, work on their own creative projects, and share their skills and expertise with each other.

Why a Creative HUB?

The HUB came from much organizational soul searching, research, and preparation in response to COVID-19.

“The pandemic deeply impacted the arts. But we saw an opportunity – to create a mutually supportive community of artists who feel a creative and working connection with PHT. They can contribute to it artistically and financially, create their own work and support one another.” – Kim Selody, PHT Artistic Director.

This flourishing HUB model is now well established at PHT. It will continue to fill our spaces with creative energy and work long after the pandemic.

Anais Pellin in La Petite Sirene. Photo by Gaetan Nerincx
How it works

HUB members have access to bookable studio and production space to create, experiment, and develop live performing artistic works with potential public viewings. Office and limited storage spaces are available. And there’s the “Artist Lounge”, a casual place to meet, discuss and enjoy sharing ideas with other HUB artists. In exchange for time in PHT spaces, artists support the facility and other artists’ activities as volunteers, matching individual skill sets and interests to jobs at hand.

“By exchanging skills and expertise with each other, we can all explore and build work in our spaces. As we each find new ways to earn revenue with limited audiences, this ‘micro economy’ allows us to continue to create and work together.” – Kim Selody

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
In the building

The HUB model required a complete reset of how spaces in the historic building are used by artists and audiences. With ongoign health safety measures top of mind, PHT staff reconfigured traffic flow to allow one-way exits and entrances to most rooms and studios. Passages throughout the building are designated for artists-only so they don’t intersect with public zones. Areas previously used for rehearsal or project development were refitted as micro-performance spaces with full technical capabilities. Dynamic, flexible, and responsive to health and safety restrictions, these areas allow boutique performances with limited attendance..

“We’re committed to this model beyond the current COVID pandemic restrictions. This pandemic has given us all the opportunity to take a bold step, and experiment with a new way of working together.  I am excited to see what happens next.” – Kim Selody

Manami Hara in Baking Time. Photo by Kayla Isomura
There’s more happening at PHT

PHT continues its role as a presenter and producer of professional theatre shows and programs. Check out our 2021/22 Random Series of Amazing Events!

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Interested in applying for membership?

Simply complete and submit this short HUB application form.

For more information on the PHT Creative Hub, please contact Doris Pfister Murphy at 604.990.3473 or

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