COVID Considerations
for your visit to PHT

COVID Considerations <br> for your visit to PHT

Letting you know . . .

Presentation House Theatre respects and follows all Public Health Orders regarding masks, vaccines, capacity, and physical distancing.

Be kind. Be calm. Be safe.

Thank you.

Thank you for your understanding and support of live theatre in these COVID times!  By purchasing a ticket, you agree not to enter the building if you feel unwell or know you are unwell, and to be community-minded and wear your mask.  Because it’s true – we’re all in this together. Here are some PHT COVID considerations to help you plan for your visit.


COVID Considerations and Policies for Everyone

  • In-person audiences are only permitted when Public Health Orders allow.
  • Nobody should enter the facility if they have been directed by public health to self-isolate, whether due to illness, exposure, travel, or another reason.
  • Anyone who is feeling sick or has any symptoms associated with COVID-19 is not permitted to enter the building for any reason unless they have received a negative COVID test and been given permission by public health to not isolate. PHT reserves the right to request proof of such clearance.

Mask requirements

  • As per the current public health order, everyone is required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth immediately upon entering Presentation House Theatre.
  • Workers may remove their masks only if alone in a room, sitting at their desks, or if they are behind a plastic barrier.
  • Artists, technicians, and other workers must wear masks during rehearsals and may only remove their masks to drink or eat, unless outside.
  • During performances, as per ActSafe regulations, performers may be unmasked.
  • Anyone removing a mask to eat, or drink must put it back on immediately after finishing, or taking a break from, their food or drink. (EG: You cannot hold a drink for 30 mins to justify not wearing a mask but may remove it to drink and then replace it.)

Proof of Vaccination

  • PHT is happy to comply with the Province of BC’s Vaccine Card program.
  • For the public: Any member of the public will be required to show proof of vaccination before entering the building.
  • Exception: Members of the public entering the facilities for brief, functional reasons, such as using the washroom or picking someone up, will not be required to show proof of vaccination.
  • For workers, hub members, and renters: Anyone entering the facilities in order to do work will be required to be vaccinated in alignment with the Province of BC’s Vaccine Card program. This ensures the safety of everyone working in the building as well as the public.
  • Exceptions:
    • Delivery people or tradespeople doing short-term work.
    • Medical exemptions: those who have been advised by a medical doctor that they are not able to safely get any of the Health Canada-approved COVID vaccinations will not be required to be vaccinated. These individuals will need to demonstrate their exemption with a letter from their medical doctor (it does not need to detail the underlying condition). In these cases, additional safety precautions may be taken to protect these individuals and those working with them.

Ticket Sales & Seating

Ticket refunds:

  • There will be no financial penalty for cancellations due to COVID-related illness. Full refunds or free exchanges will be made.
  • Should PHT need to cancel an event due to COVID-related illness or health orders, PHT will offer full refunds or the opportunity to donate the ticket value.
  • Should public health guidelines change after tickets have been sold to an event, patrons will be notified and have the opportunity to change or refund their ticket if so desired.