PHT Reopening – Stage 1
COVID 19 – Phase 3

PHT Reopening – Stage 1<br>COVID 19 – Phase 3

Friday, July 3, 2020. For your easy reference, we’ve included links to more resources and information about COVID 19 and more. Please check back regularly for updates.

Stage 1 – New initiative!

Presentation House Theatre is excited to launch the PHT Creative Hub Co-operative, transforming how we collaborate and share performing arts with the many communities we serve. Starting July 6, artist members from across performance disciplines will be the first to return to the building to work on their own creative projects. This new initiative marks Stage 1 of PHT’s gradual reopening plan. Learn more about the Co-op.

Safety First. Always.

PHT is committed to the health and safety of its staff, volunteers, artists, patrons, renters, and general community. We understand our responsibility as the managers of this facility. We’ve worked hard to put extensive, comprehensive safety procedures in place to keep you and everyone in our building safe. Check out our full safety details. It’s a long read but worth every word.

There’s more ahead at PHT

PHT will also continue its role as a presenter and producer of professional theatre shows and programs. The final stage of reopening will take place in early October when PHT launches its 2020/21 programming series. Audiences can expect exciting innovations such as pocket performances with limited attendance, bubble bookings for those in social bubbles, online streaming of shows, and opportunities to visit and view new Co-op works in progress.

Our Promise

In these shifting unfamiliar times, there’s one thing that will NEVER change:
PHT’s deep commitment to creating community on the North Shore
through live performing arts.

It’s what we love. It’s what we do.

Detailed information and general precautions regarding COVID-19 can be found here:

BC Centre for Disease Control
HealthLink BC
BC Government News
The Federal Government COVID -19 website


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