September 19 – 30 2018

by Marketing & Publicity Manager

Catch a ride with Royal Canadian Air Farce’s Craig Lauzon on this site-specific work staged entirely on a moving transit bus!

Tales of an Urban Indian is a deeply personal and darkly comic telling of the life of Simon Douglas, an Indigenous man born on a BC reserve  raised both there and in 1970s Vancouver.

Told entirely from a personal perspective, Tales of an Urban Indian conjures up an array of characters that come in and out of his life as seen through Simon’s eyes. 

Sold out across Canada, this is one ride you don’t want to miss!

Featuring Craig Lauzon of Royal Canadian Air Farce
Written by Darrell Dennis, Directed by Herbie Barnes
Produced by Talk Is Free Theatre

My story is based on memory, so it’s not entirely accurate, or fair. History never is. It’s a story I need to tell, not because it’s extraordinary, but because it’s common, too common, and it’s not told enough. In many ways, it’s a tale about my people, which automatically makes it a tale of survival.
Simon Douglas, Character


I wanted to tell a story in which an Indigenous character is not defeated by his victimization, but rather, comes to the realization that all human beings possess the power of choice when reacting to their life experience. It was also important, in dealing with the difficult subject matter that we do in this play, to approach it from a humourous point of view, since humour is perhaps the most important and prevalent survival mechanism in Indigenous society.
Darrell Dennis, Playwright


Tales of an Urban Indian not only captivates the audience with a compelling story, uniquely staged on a moving bus, but allows for the conversation about reconciliation to continue between the indigenous and mainstream populations.
Ziigwen Mixemong, Director of Education

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Photo of Craig Lauzon by Scott Cooper
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