2nd Floor Studio

The carpeted 2nd Floor Studio features two working spaces.

The Main Studio is a traditional black box measuring 21’ x 35’ with 14’ high ceilings. Features include black theatre drapes on a track to define the spaces; a full-colour LED stage lighting system; a portable audio package suitable for music playback or even a small jazz trio; and a large pull-down projection screen with a dedicated projector. This studio space can transform into a mini theatre with the addition of risers to create a raked seating system.

The capacity of the space is 60.

The Adjacent Studio measures 21’ x 20’ with slightly lower ceilings and large permanent mirrors. It is ideal as a backstage area to the Main Studio. This space is often used by artists for small projection work and is a favourite among puppeteers to hone and create new work.

For more information about available dates and pricing, please contact Giselle at tech@phtheatre.org

Accessibility: The studio is wheelchair accessible via the 4th Street Entrance, and there is a wheelchair accessible washroom in the lobby.

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