Black History Matters

Black History Matters <br> FAQs

Black History Matters is a thorough and grade appropriate school program highlighting the history, lives and contributions of Black Canadians to our country and the world. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about this Presentation House Theatre Response. Grades K – 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a school have the program?

Black History Matters enhances and informs existing curriculum at a time when it’s needed most. In a way that’s meaningful for teachers and students, with no added workload for the school.

What will the students experience?

Students will:

  • see representations of Black people through different mediums – books, toys, film, music, and art
  • learn about modern Black community leaders on the North Shore and Greater Vancouver
  • ask questions about what they have seen and heard
  • be given grade appropriate materials and the tools to carry on the conversation at home
  • learn about both the good and the bad of Black history in Canada

Each classroom will receive grade-appropriate materials which will remain in the classroom for continued use and conversation.

What does the school have to do?

Say yes to the program.  Say yes to inclusion, equity and widening the scope of what has been traditionally taught about the Black people of Canada.

Technical requirements include a classroom computer, projector and speakers which can support a basic Power Point Presentation.

Is there a cost?

There is a flat fee per presentation for up to three classes in the same grade.   A reduced additional surcharge is added for extra classes in the same grade.   If funds are a barrier, Presentation House Theatre can assist by sourcing grants and/or subsidies to help bring this program to your class.

Is Black History Matters available online?

It is important that presentations are offered in real time so that connections, questions and comments can be responded to immediately.  While in-person visits are preferred, we recognize that schools must adhere to policies regarding visitors during the pandemic.  At all times program presenters will respect and adhere to school COVID-19  protocols and safety procedures. Presentations can be livestreamed into the classroom in real time.  Learning about the history of Black Canadians is one aspect of the program but equally important is the building of trust with those who look different, breaking down stereotypes and increasing awareness through direct connections.  It is also vital that teachers and students are able to learn together.

What is the content material for each grade?

Ongoing School wide education

  • A list of important Black figures and a short note on each individual will be given to the school to integrate into the monthly calendars that are distributed.


  • Introduction of Black people through stories, play, song and in person connections. This presentation will be reduced to 30 minutes to accommodate their age.

Grades 1 & 2

  • Start learning about Black Canadian History, pioneers of the North Shore through stories, songs and video. The length of the Grade 1 presentation may be reduced to accommodate their age.

Grades 3 – 5

  • Introduction of the timeline of Black Canadian History, more focus on the historical Canadian Pioneers and trailblazers through stories and video and an introduction to the Rights Revolution.

Grades 6 & 7

  • Closer look at Vancouver’s Black History (Strathcona and Hogan’s Alley); the Rights Revolution and notable modern-day Black people.

School wide event for Black History Month – February

  • A presentation that appeals to all Grades.

Can the school review the material in advance?

Teachers are welcome to view the presentation with us before it’s shared with the students.  Our team is very aware of how images can affect the young and take extreme care to include only materials that are age appropriate for each class.

How long is a presentation?

The average length of each in class presentation is 60 minutes including time for a discussion.

How and when can we start?

Grade specific presentations are available year round. Please contact us at 604.990.3473 for more information. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

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