Conceived by Jack Paterson with Anika Vervecken, Paul D. Power (disability, Deaf and MAD Arts) and Hannah Siden

Got questions about the PHT Creative Hub?

Check out these FAQs!


Why a Creative Hub?

The HUB came from much organizational soul searching, research, and preparation in response to COVID-19.

“The pandemic deeply impacted the arts. In it we saw an opportunity – to create a mutually supportive community of artists who feel a creative and working connection with PHT. ” – Kim Selody, PHT Artistic Director.

By exchanging skills and expertise with each other, we can all explore and build work in our spaces. As we each find new ways to earn revenue with limited audiences, this ‘micro economy’ allows us to continue to create and work together.

Is the Hub just for theatre projects?

As a performing arts creative hub, we welcome dance, music and theatre projects.

How to apply

How do I apply to become a member of the PHT Creative Hub?

  • It’s simple. Just complete & submit the Creative Hub membership application form.
  • After reviewing the application, we’ll contact you to arrange a phone, video, or in-person interview with the PHT Artistic Director and Production Manager to discuss your interest, and if submitting, project proposal.
  • Once a “win/win fit” with the project & Creative Hub is determined, we’ll connect you with our Managing Director to complete your Letter of Agreement (LOA).

How does the selection process for Creative Hub members work?

If you apply with a specific project in mind, your proposal will be reviewed by the PHT team. Together with you, we’ll determine if your project is ready to fully benefit and thrive in the Creative Hub at that time. Things to consider include the project’s readiness for some form of “on time delivery” to the public, your capacity to volunteer within the Creative Hub, timing, and the suitability of our available spaces.

Those applying without a project will be interviewed to discuss the skills they’d like to volunteer, their interest in the Creative Hub and any future projects in the works.

Hub Benefits

What do I get as a Creative Hub member?

Space, support, and artistic camaraderie. Active members have access to bookable studio and production space to create, experiment, and develop live performing artistic works, including potential public exhibitions/viewings. These can be online and/or in-person. There’s admin space for meetings, musing and “office” work. We offer promotional support and opportunity for other levels of mentorship.  And there’s limited onsite storage available. You can also access the “Artist Lounge” whenever the building is open. Enjoy sharing ideas with other Creative Hub artists in a relaxed, casual environment.

As a member, what do I offer the Hub?

In exchange for time in PHT spaces, artists agree to support the facilities and other artists’ activities as volunteers. This includes being a door person/ambassador, crew calls, FOH work for public events, etc. We make every effort to match skill sets and interests to the volunteer work.

All members of the Creative Hub are required to provide 24 hours of volunteer time for each year of membership, running from July 1-June 30 of every year.

Only volunteer duties that have been approved and scheduled by PHT will count towards volunteer hours. Creative Hub Members are free to propose volunteer contributions, but PHT is under no obligation to accept those offers.

How it works

Are artist spaces allocated on a first-come, first-served basis?

Spaces are allocated on a case by case basis according to each project’s artistic needs, and are subject to availability.  Considerations include other activities in the building, your technical requirements, and how close you are to presenting to the public. To meet the needs of the Creative Hub as a whole, assigned spaces may change during the life of a project. But artists will always be in spaces that meet their needs at any given stage of their project’s development.

Is the Creative Hub membership ongoing, annual, or project-based?

Membership in the Creative Hub is ongoing. However, each public-facing project proposal is assessed and approved separately on a case by case basis. Once accepted, a completed Project Sheet and Financial Details Agreement are added to the member’s LOA.

Can I use the office equipment? (Printer, scanner, etc.)

Hub members have limited free use of our office equipment. Printing a few new pages of a script? No problem. Scan and email a grant support document? Go ahead. Need an easel for a brainstorming session? Sure thing.  If you have ongoing demands for equipment or supplies, you may be charged a replacement and/or usage fee.

Alone? Or Together?

Can we join the Creative Hub as an organization?

Yes. This is actually helpful for your project. You can share accumulated volunteer hours between all the folks in your company.  That lightens the load for everyone.

Can I join the Creative Hub as an individual artist?

Of course! And you may be able to access some donated volunteer time from other Creative Hub members to help offset your hours.

Volunteer Hours

How are my volunteer hours calculated?

All members of the Creative Hub are required to provide 24 hours of volunteer time for each year of membership.  The membership year runs from July 1-June 30 of every year, but you can join anytime.

If my project involves a group of people, do they each owe 24 volunteer hours per year? Or can the hours be split among the company?

Your project’s volunteer hours can be shared among the members of your company. For instance, a total of 24  hours split between 6 people would be just 4 hours per person!

I have some good ideas for volunteer roles. Can I make up my own job?

We love initiative and suggestions. But volunteer duties must be approved and scheduled by PHT to count towards your hours. We welcome suggestions for volunteer jobs outside of the pre-determined roles, but PHT is under no obligation to accept those offers.

How to apply

How do I apply to become a Creative Hub member?

Applications for the Creative Hub are currently closed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for further updates.

For more information on the PHT Creative Hub, please contact Brian Postalian, PHT Artistic Associate, at
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