Firefly Project (K – 5)

Firefly Project (K – 5)

Throughout the year, PHT offers creative workshops and programs to enhance your class’s experience and understanding of the joy and power of the arts in expression. Through these sessions, we connect professional artist educators with young people of all ages in the classroom.

The Firefly Project (Grades K-5)

Based on the work of early years practitioner Vivian Paley, the Firefly Project provides an opportunity for the very young in our schools to communicate with each other through writing, drama and art. The project helps build a community of learners who listen to each other and learn to express themselves freely.

Beyond the literary and art-based skills offered in this program, each child is provided a safe, supportive place to show the other students who they are: it gives each child a voice in the class and a space to have that voice heard. The art of writing stories and acting them out, allows each child to listen to one another and empathize with each other’s worlds.

Presentation House Theatre (PHT) administrates the Firefly Project and, with help from ArtStarts, professional actors and visual artists facilitate it.

Average Project Length: 3 weeks

Cost to schools: Approximately 90% of program costs are covered by the ArtStarts grant, Presentation House Theatre, and our wonderful sponsor, Contact Printing.

*Ask us about subsidies for families facing financial challenges.

For more information contact Doris at 604.990.3473 or

COVID-19 Response: Thanks to the skill, ingenuity and downright talent of artist educators Manami, Linda, Anaïs and Zoe, in 2020/21 we’ve adapted and adjusted the Firefly program to include safe in-person and online virtual delivery of the project to schools.  Following COVID-19 Public Health Orders to the letter, with no restrictions on imagination!