Presentation House Theatre
where ideas play

Presentation House Theatre<br>where ideas play

We’re Presentation House Theatre (PHT), the north shore’s professional theatre company, where ideas play and grow into quality performing arts for all ages. For more than 40 years, friends and strangers have gathered in this welcoming space to enjoy innovative programming and quality professional shows.

Previously at PHT (just a sampling):
You’ll also find us in, around and well beyond our neighbourhood.

Our popular Firefly Project in schools helps the very young to communicate with each other through writing, drama and art.

Through Golden Firefly we guide seniors to explore and express shared life experiences through theatrical play, performance and original storytelling. The joy is contagious.

We celebrate our First Nations, working together to create inclusive community events like the annual Nchem?u?s Day , 2017’s First Welcome Hych’ka, and ongoing community partnerships.

We exchange ideas, big and small, with theatre companies here and around the world. Our finest works have toured to places such as Mexico City, the United States, and children’s festivals across Canada. Collaborating to create new, multinational theatre pieces to share at home. With you.

Presentation House Theatre | Where ideas play.
Banner photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash