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We are so grateful for the support of generous donors like you.  You play a valued role in our vision of building a strong, creative community here on the North Shore.

Together, we believe in:

  • The vital role of professional artists and high quality art in society
  • Giving children, youth and families access to the creation and presentation of relevant and excellent live theatre
  • The role theatre can play in helping us explore and celebrate our cultural diversity
  • Nurturing and supporting emerging artists
  • Sharing what is created here in North Vancouver with the country and the world.


You can donate in the following ways:

Donate Now Through!

  • Canada, a secure website for credit card donations.
  • By email at
  • By phone at (604) 990-3473
  • Download and complete the 2017 PHT Donation Form and mail it to Presentation House Theatre, 333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 3G9

Please consider supporting PHT in one of the donation categories below. We welcome all contributions, and will issue a charitable receipt for all donations of $25+


$25+ Participant

Support a family: a parent and child or a whole family – children, parents and grandparents to attend a performance

$100+ Ally

Support a school group: daycare, elementary and high school groups can attend a performance or participate in a theatre creation workshop

$250+ Advocate

Support emerging artists and under-funded young theatre companies by nurturing their artistic growth and allowing them to create and present their art in a fully equipped, warm and welcoming space for diverse audiences


$   500+ Business Participant

$1,000+ Business Ally

$1,500+ Business Advocate

Help us keep PHT at the heart of your neighbourhood. Let’s work together so we can make Presentation House Theatre and the North Shore proud!

Donate Now Through!

Thank you! 

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