Cosmo’s Pop-Up Circus
Sept 26, 2020

by Marketing & Publicity Manager

You are just so magical at what you do!”

Debbie Tobin, Executive Producer, Richmond Children’s Festival

SOLD OUT! Sat, Sept 26 – 2:00 PM


Tickets: $18 / $15 / $12.50 (You choose the price that works for YOU!)

Presented by Cosmo Circus in association with PHT Creative Hub Co-operative

Cosmo has an arsenal of antics in her clown trunk. Circus surprises abound with flying hats, precipitous balancing acts, and inspired confusion. What will pop up next? Prepare yourselves for a generous helping of danger, dorkyness, and delight as she valiantly attempts to share the joys of circus with the audience, while skirting disaster. Witness the comedic stylings of Cosmo as she juggles, balances, and bumbles her way through this exciting show.

Fun for families and kids aged 4 to 8.

(30 minutes)

About Melissa Aston

Melissa Aston brings 20 years experience to  the U.S. and Canadian stage, circus ring, and hospital. As the sole female clown in the historic Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, she toured the U.S. on a circus train. Melissa has wrestled sharks in a duck pond and set funny bones at BC Children’s Hospital. She has swallowed flaming marshmallows in Catholic school shows and juggled deadly machetes for a famous contemporary photographer.

In 2012, program founder Paul Hoosen invited Melissa to work in the long running Therapeutic Clown Program at BC Children’s Hospital. Melissa is also a proud member of The Assembly, Vancouver’s only all-women clown collective.

Whether roving through the crowds at a festival, connecting one on one at BC Children’s Hospital, or whooping it up in Cosmo’s Pop-Up Circus, Melissa brings a blend of foolishness, warmth and levity to all her interactions.

Safety First. Always.

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