by Doris, PHT Communications

Got questions about your visit to PHT?

Check out these FAQs

I see three ticket prices listed for shows. How do I know what to pay for my ticket?

We offer three ticket prices for YOU to choose from. Feeling abundant? Opt to pay full price. Times are lean? Choose our discounted price. Or go for the Goldilocks “just right” in the middle. You know your circumstances better than anyone.

If these price options still don’t work for you, check out our “Pay What You Can” ticket program. This initiative removes financial barriers, making it possible for all folks to enjoy select shows and programs year round, at a price that’s right for them. Learn more here.

Come and enjoy live theatre at Presentation House Theatre.

Where do I park?

Presentation House Theatre has free onsite parking, including two accessible parking spaces. Additional street parking can be found on neighbouring streets.

What time do the shows start?

Showtimes vary. Please double check your performance time on the show webpage or call the Box Office at 604-990-3474.

What if I arrive late?

We make every effort to admit latecomers when there is a suitable break in the performance. Our Front of House manager reserves the right to allocate latecomer seating to prevent disruptions to other patrons and the performance.

Do you have accessible seating and entrances?

Yes. Although our building includes stairs, we have direct access into our theatre via the 4th Street entrance for anyone needing mobility assistance. Please let us know of your needs when you book your tickets and we’ll arrange to help you.

Why do you have gender-neutral washrooms?

PHT has chosen to have gender-neutral washrooms that may be accessed by any person, of any sex, gender, or gender identity, for the following reasons:

  • Our priority of being a safe place for everyone who walks through our doors means prioritizing the safety of those who are most vulnerable. In the case of washrooms, that is trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people who encounter real violence in bathrooms at the highest rates.
  • We recognize that you cannot tell by looking at someone what their gender identity is and do not want to force anyone to “out” themselves by assigning gender or sex to washrooms.
  • It further supports safety by allowing a parent, guardian, or carer of any sex or gender to accompany children or those who need support into any washroom.
  • We feel this is an important step in fostering the safe and inclusive society we want to live in.

Should any patron prefer, there is a single-user bathroom on the second floor of the building that all are welcome to use.

Do you participate in the Access 2 Card Program?

Yes we do! Please contact our Box Office ( or 604-990-3474) or visit our office for more information.

Can I eat and drink in the theatre?

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed inside the theatre. Non-alcoholic drinks (such as coffee, juice, etc.) from the bar can be enjoyed in the theatre, but food is discouraged out of respect for other patrons. Food and drinks can be purchased from the bar before the show starts and during intermission.

What’s your policy on phones in the theatre?

We ask that you turn OFF phones and devices when you enter the theatre. Their vibrations, pings and light are distracting for the performers and other audience members. Patrons disturbing others with electronic devices may be asked to leave the theatre.

Doesn't EVERYONE love perfume, cologne and aftershave?

Actually, no. Some patrons have sensitivities or allergies to fragrances that can cause them great discomfort.  We want all our patrons to enjoy the show. Please use your use scents sparingly, if at all.

Can I take pictures?

All PHT shows are protected by copyright laws. Unauthorized still photography, video and/or audio recordings are strictly prohibited.