Golden Firefly Project

by Doris, PHT Communications

Theatrical play, performance, and original storytelling for Seniors - taught by professional actors and artist instructors

Everyone welcome! No experience necessary.

Using humour and fun acting games in a safe, lighthearted environment, we awaken our senses and explore the world of storytelling.

Fun. Freeing. Stimulating our imaginations.


Fall Sessions - MONDAYS In Person

1:00pm – 3:00pm
Anne Macdonald Hall
In the spirit of theatre team work, we check in about masks at the start of each session. Until everyone is comfortable to meet without masks, all of us will continue to wear masks.
It’s a very supportive “all for one and one for all”.
No proof of COVID vaccine will be required.

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Join in as often as you like! Drop in once in a while, or come play every time. PHT’s Golden Firefly classes are FREE.

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Building community through play and laughter

Golden Firefly participants connect weekly to work with professional actors and artist instructors. Together in-person and online they open their imaginations and develop their sense of play through theatre games, acting exercises, improvisations, and stories.

Each participant writes their own original story with the help of an artist instructor. Together the group explores different ways bring each story to life – by acting them out together, storytelling or through puppetry and props.

Originally delivered indoors at Senior Centres and in our theatre, we all boldly moved Golden Firefly online with the start of COVID restrictions. Now we’re delighted to reconnect in-person again AND online. The fun will ALWAYS go on!

What they say about the Golden Firefly Project

  • “Everyone has a story. They just need someone to hear it.” (Participant)
  • “Although Firefly is an inclusive, non-judgemental class, it took me a L-O-N-G- time to develop even an ounce of confidence, now I realise, how valuable the Firefly program is, on a number of levels, not least of which is neighbours meeting neighbours for the first time and the camaraderie that comes from that.” (Participant)
  • “I started, with a feeling of scared frozen, was definitely more an observer than a doer, later to realise the Firefly Program was thought provoking, entertaining and fun! (Participant)
  • “(I learned) that I can overcome memory, reading, breathing difficulties – improved self-confidence.” (Participant)
  • “The program was very much in demand and highly successful in decreasing the social isolation of seniors in the community and improving their quality of life.” (Senior Centre Representative)