An Affair of Honor Production
Apr 8 – 17, 2021

Playthings <br> An Affair of Honor Production <br> Apr 8 – 17, 2021

Apr 8 – 17  |  Livestream only

April 8, 9, 15, 16  |  7:00pm

April 10 & 17  |  3:00pm

Livestream Tickets

$15 / $18 / $22 (You choose YOUR price)

Mature Content & Strobe Light Warnings

Playthings contains mature language, simulated violence and sexual references, including strong words, themes and imagery. Parental discretion is advised.

Periodic use of strobe lights.


By Nathania Bernabe and Jackie T. Hanlin

An Affair of Honor Production presented by Presentation House Theatre in association with the PHT Creative Hub Cooperative

Affair of Honor livestreams ancient action adventure in this thrilling, hilarious, and daring tale of mortals and Gods. With the ongoing onslaught of the Trojan War, tensions between the Greek Gods come to a head. Ares and Athena, two Gods of War, vent their frustrations by playing with the lives, deaths, and sanities, of two mortal Warrior-Queens.

This original story flashes across eras and fight styles, providing a dazzling display of fighting prowess and ability, interspersed with the modern, lively banter of the Gods.

Underneath the fiery exchanges of words and swords, the play takes a hard-hitting interrogation of what drives humanity to violence.

Playthings is Affair of Honor at it’s core: Furious and Fun.

Fun & Important Dates

April 8 – Virtual Opening Reception via

April 10 – Post-show Talkback Session with Playthings creative team

April 17 – Virtual Closing Reception via

Show Program

Download the Playthings Program here, then settle in for the show!

Playthings (2019) Performers Cole Howard & Elizabeth Young. Zemekiss Photography.
Playthings at Edmonton Fringe Festival 2019. Performers Elizabeth Young & Nathania Bernabe. April MacKillins Photography.
Playthings (2019) Performers Nathania Bernabe & Jackie Hanlin. Zemekiss Photography.
Featured photo credits
Playthings cast collage from performances at Edmonton Fringe Festival 2019. L to R: Cole Howard, Jackie T. Hanlin, Nathania Bernabe, Elizabeth Young. Photo by April MacKillins Photography

Reuniting its original cast from the Edmonton Fringe Festival 2019, with new invigorated set and sound designs, this nightly livestream will break the mundanity of binge-watching, and bring a fresh thrill-ride onto your screen and into your living room!

Creative Team
Nathania Bernabe – Producer, Director, Fight/Movement Choreographer, Playwright
Jackie T. Hanlin – Producer, Fight Choreographer, Playwright
Matt Rhodes – Assistant/Mentee Producer
Heidi Damayo – Dramaturg
Phay Moores – Intimacy Director, Principal Intimacy Professionals
Kirsten Gundlack & Daniel Levinson – Script Editing
Shila Amin – Stage Manager
Shona Struthers – Sound Design & Music Composition
Jonathan Kim – Lighting Designer
Alexander Balinski – Costume Designer
Kimira Reddy – Set Designer
Great Northern Way Scene Shop – Set Construction
Kimira Reddy & Vanka Salim – Scenic Painting
Chad Cuthbertson – Animation
Daniel Levinson – Mortals Table Work
Russel Eresmas – Livestream Video Direction
Vanka Salim – Livestream Video Prep
Kaeden Atkinson-Hill – Head Technician, Lighting Operator
Neal Miskin – Sound Technician
Yunjae Cho & Vanka Salim – Video Technicians

Elizabeth Young – Athena

Cole Howard – Ares (April 8 – 10)

Shona Struthers – Ares (April 15 – 17)

Jackie T. Hanlin – Atalanta

Nathania Bernabe – Ortrere

Additional Fight Resources

Sylvie La Riviere – Fight Choreography Sword and Board, Swashbuckle
Daniel Levinson and Todd Campbell – Fight Consultation

Sound design notes and credits

Special thanks to violinist Louise Cooke and guitarist Jed Weiss.

The sound design includes samples from users. Click here for the full list.

Yap_Audio_Production, RikkerMix, GregorQuendel, Tgruber, Glaneur de sons, Nakhas, InspectorJ, Breviceps, jackthemurray, kyles, Homejrande, Frankyboomer, as well as sound from, and The Northern Path, Mjolnir, and Fallout by Alexander Nakarada ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License:

What they say about Playthings

“Intense clash of steel, with the Gods providing comedic relief” Global News ****

“Few things are more over-the top than a war between gods, and when those gods use human action figures to vent their insecurities you get a fun, fast, and furious show like Playthings.” – Fawnda Mithrush, Beer Tent Reviews

Playthings at Edmonton Fringe Festival 2019. Performer Cole Howard. April MacKillins Photography
COVID Precautions

For the protection of the cast, creative team and everyone involved in Playthings, Affair of Honor and PHT have adhered to and surpassed required COVID safety precautions for livestream performances as directed by ACTSAFE , the BC Motion Picture Industry COVID-19 Pandemic Production Guide, and Worksafe BC. This production is fully compliant with current provincial PHOs.