March 7 – 17 2019

Co-Produced by Presentation House Theatre and Reverberations Collective

In association with Mortal Coil Performance

Reverberations is a celebration of life and family, filled with joy and the bittersweet. L’chaim.”

– Janis

Watch a life slowly unfold through the sound equipment used to capture it. In Reverberations, audiences divide into small groups to rove through five different performance spaces. Based on the memories of writer and award-winning sound designer Brian Linds, multiple sound mediums are mixed with live performance to replay key moments from Brian’s life: his parents’ love story, a childhood act of betrayal, his Bar Mitzvah, his mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and a moment of lucidity his mother experienced while in the late stages of the disease.

Combining innovative sound technology with vintage systems – including a live mix of LPs, cassettes, reel-to-reel tape, 8-track, and digital recordings –  Reverberations creates a dynamic and immersive sensory experience of a life fully lived.

  • Playwright and Sound Designer Brian Linds
  • Director Mindy Parfitt
  • Performers Nicola Lipman, Victor Mariano, Jan Wood, and Brian Linds
  • Set and Costume Designer Catherine Hahn
  • Lighting Designer John Webber
  • Stage Manager Heidi Quicke

For Grown Ups aged 16+

IMPORTANT! New Building Entrance
Because this is a site-specific performance taking place in several interior spaces, we’ve changed the building entrance for this show.  Please enter Presentation House Theatre via 4TH STREET. This is an accessible entrance suitable for patrons using mobility devices. Parking is available in our on-site lot, and along 4th Street.
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