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Presentation House Theatre – Technical Information (as of May 2017)

All details are subject to revision and should be confirmed with the Production Manager of Presentation House Theatre in advance of your production load in.

Presentation House Theatre is an intimate performance space with the stage at floor level and a raked bank of seating for 137, plus 21 seats located onstage right. The theatre is situated in a converted heritage building. The control booth is located immediately behind the last row of seats and contains lighting, sound, and stage management positions.

Stage Floor:

Masonite Covering on a Wood Sub-Floor

Permission must be received from Technical Staff before screwing into the stage deck.

Note: The stage floor is re-painted at regular intervals throughout the year. If you would like the floor re-painted before your rental, an extra labour charge will apply.

Stage Dimensions: Please see theatre plans for more detail

Depth: 21’-3”

Width: 25’-1”

Grid Height: 14’-3”

Crossover: through backstage area

Entrances From Backstage: 3 – MSR, USR, USL

Note: There is a 5’-7” Fire Alley downstage that no set piece may block. (Fire alley size is not included in above stage dimensions)

Dressing Rooms:

Location: Backstage Theatre Level

Capacity: 15-20

Amenities: 2 Washrooms, Refrigerator, Microwave, Costume Racks

Loading Door:

Location: Ground Level, West Side of Building

Dimensions: 7-0” H x 5’-5” W

Note: There is a 22 step stairway from ground level to stage deck. All set pieces and equipment must be carried in up these stairs. There is no elevator in the building. Backstage storage is limited – please discuss with the venue before load-in.

Front of House:

The Main Entrance/Box Office is located on ground level at the south-east corner of the building, off the parking lot. The theatre, lobby and bar are located on the 2nd floor. Public washrooms are on ground level. For information on FOH/Ticketing please call 604-990-3474.


30 spaces are located in the Arts Centre parking lot. Additional street parking is available on Chesterfield Ave and 4th Street.


Wheelchair access to the theatre is through the Museum entrance on the north side of the building (4th Street) and must be pre-arranged.


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