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Baking Time

The international collaboration between Presentation House Theatre

and UK’s Oily Cart Theatre is BACK!!



Written by Tim Webb

Directed by Kim Selody

Composer – Max Reinhardt

Musical Director – Joseph Seserko

Set & Costume Design – Claire De Loon & Jessica Oostergo



Featuring Aaron Lau & Leslie Dos Remedios

Presentation House Theatre and Oily Cart presents a fresh batch of  Baking Time – a fantastic feast for the senses for 3-6 year olds, and their friends and families — before taking the show on tour to the Ottawa Children’s Festival.

Baking Time finds two playful bakers aka Bun and Bap, sifting through magical flour storms, with mischievous doughy characters amidst shelves of baking ingredients and utensils. Bun and Bap will be inviting all the young audience members to become bakers themselves and join in the fun.

A favourite among little bakers last fall, the show involves lots of stirring, live music and opportunities for audience members young and old to join in the fun, as the on-stage oven fills the room with the smell of freshly baking bread.

Ages 3+

Check out our fun Study Guide for recipes and “things to do” with your little bakers!

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