Feb 18 – 23, 2020

by Marketing & Publicity Manager
We’re told to forgive, no matter what is done to you.

A Castlereigh Theatre Project

God’s Lake chronicles the strength and resilience of the people in the remote fly-in reserve of God’s Lake Narrows, Manitoba following traumatic events of unresolved justice and a complex and challenging past. This glimpse into the lived reality of the community is told using verbatim text from interviews, heightened physicality, bold northern imagery, and an original live score. God’s Lake offers a rare chance to witness the difficult issues facing people living in a remote community within the reserve system.

A vivid, original work of verbatim, documentary theatre.


Learn even more about Castlereigh Theatre Projects and God’s Lake here.

A play by Francesca Albright & Kevin Lee Burton
Directed by Britt Small
Performed by Aqqalu, Nick Benz, Ashley Cook & Erica Wilson
Dramaturgy by Gordon Pengilly
Composition by Ziibiwan + Melody McKiver
Set Design by James Insell
Costume Design by Carmen Thompson
Choreography Collaboration by Starr Muranko
Projection Design by Astros Media
Lighting Design/Technical Direction by RJ Peters
Projection Technician Maia Crockett
Stage Managed by Jethelo Espaldon Cabilete

Photo by Ziibiwan Mahgagahbow
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