High Water
March 30 & 31 2018

High Water starts with a fish tank and a 50 gallon drum of water. As water from the drum slowly fills the tank, a performer builds landscapes of everyday objects inside. The play of cause and effect puts tiny worlds into repeated moments of jeopardy and rescue or abandonment. The performer presents every moment as an experiment – some objects float, others sink, some dissolve and disappear, there may be a chain reaction, or maybe something’s trapped. The show is an odd and curious inquiry into buoyancy – a series of tests, misfires, and marvels. It is an epic record of civilizations and historic events masquerading as a cheap party trick.

Seating is limited, please rsvp to Robert Leveroos, PHT Resident Artist, at rleveroos@comcast.net . Would love to have you there!

Young people are very welcome – best enjoyed by ages 7+

Check it out on video

By Macromatter

The Team:

  • Robert Leveroos – performer | scenographer | concept
  • Elysse Cheadle – co-creator | director
  • Nancy Tam – sound designer | composer
  • Jonathan Kim – lighting designer
  • Teresa Leung – stage manager
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