October 18 – 28 2018

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So, How Should I Be? delivers a story for 10-14 year olds, but speaks to anyone who has ever thought, ‘If I’m just a bit thinner and look a little better all my problems will go away and I’ll be happy again!’

Linda A. Carson, Playwright

Award-winning playwright Linda A. Carson takes on the pervasive and growing trend of body dissatisfaction in her world premiere of So, How Should I Be? In this follow up to up her powerful play, Dying to be Thin, Carson examines how negative thoughts can get stuck in one’s head and lead to an Eating Disorder.

With integrated technology, illusion, and storytelling, So, How Should I Be? addresses underlying triggers that could lead to an Eating Disorder for audiences as young as 10 years old. Through personal, true stories from three generations, the actors look for clues that might help someone steer clear of the trap.

The production touches on eating disorders, anxiety, and mental health issues with the aim of opening dialogue and promoting resilience. Talk-back sessions, moderated by members of the Looking Glass Foundation are offered after each performance to encourage discussion and reflection.


Joel Grinke | Manami Hara | Ilana Zackon

Written by Linda A. Carson

Directed by Kim Selody

A Presentation House Theatre Production

Everyone aged 10+

Interview with playwright, Linda A. Carson by Jake McGrail of La Source – Forum of Diversity

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Presentation House Theatre gratefully acknowledges the Telus Community Board, Metro Vancouver, and the Looking Glass Foundation for their support of this project.
Photo by Emily Cooper Photography


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