April 11 – 28 2019

Co-produced by Presentation House Theatre and Mexico’s Marionetas de la Esquina

Written by Linda A. Carson

We’re delighted to present our beloved, award winning winning version of the classic fairytale, Jack and the Magic Bean.  Created in joyful collaboration with Mexico City’s Marionetas de la Esquina, this family-friendly performance is told with the audience’s help.  Rally Jack as he climbs the beanstalk to the giant’s rich and fertile land. Discover the source of the trouble with his farmland. Learn how he makes it fertile again by understanding and balancing the life cycle.  Fee fie fo fun!  Be prepared to dig into this gardening tale!

From the award-winning creative team of Where the Wild Things Are, Baking Time and other quality shows for the very young.

Families with kids aged 3 – 8.

This is a delightful and interactive presentation with an incredibly powerful underlying message. Young audiences are urged to accompany Jacky on her journey, helping her grow the beanstalk and climb it, and then become the bugs in the dirt to help make her garden grow. At the same time, the play tackles themes of poverty, irresponsible farming practices, and sustainability, offering a vital and urgent message – we must all learn to respect and care for the Earth for the sake of future generations.
Kim Selody
Artistic Director, Presentation House Theatre
& Director of Jack and the Magic Bean

We’ve partnered with the Edible Garden Project to offer you and your family more ways to dig deep into the ideas in Jack and the Magic Bean!  Check out their many resources, including School Garden 101Lesson Plans, and Life Labs School Garden Lessons Video.

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Photos by Emiliano Leyva, courtesy of Marionetas de la Esquina
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