We’re Presentation House Theatre | Where Ideas Play

We’re Presentation House Theatre (PHT), the north shore’s professional theatre company, where ideas play and grow into quality performing arts for all ages. For more than 40 years, friends and strangers have gathered in this welcoming space to enjoy innovative programming and quality professional shows.  We’ve paused our public presentations during COVID-19. Not forever. Just for now. We’ll see you soon!

COVID-19 UPDATE — It’s time for PHT Reopening – Stage 1

There’s something new at PHT!

Presentation House Theatre is excited to launch the PHT Creative Hub Co-operative, transforming how we collaborate and share performing arts with the many communities we serve. Starting July 6, artist members from across performance disciplines will be the first to return to the building to work on their own creative projects. This new initiative marks Stage 1 of PHT’s gradual reopening plan.

Safety first. Always.

And as we reopen, the safety of everyone who enters, works and plays in our spaces is always top of mind. That’s why we’ve prepared and implemented our very detailed, kind of long and definitely worth the read safety policies. Settle into a comfy chair and read the many safety details here.

There’s more!

We’ll also continue to present and produce professional theatre shows and programs. The final stage of our reopening will come in early October when we launch our 2020/21 programming series. You can expect exciting innovations such as pocket performances with limited attendance, bubble bookings for those in social bubbles, online streaming of shows, and opportunities to visit and view new Co-op works in progress. We can’t wait to see you then!

Be kind. Be calm. Be safe.

– Dr. Bonnie Henry